Wednesday, 17 June 2015

WOYWW 315 - Stash organisation / Sophie's Universe

This week I have been very overwhelmed by my lack of organisation of my stash of yarn.  So I went through it all, bought a couple of storage boxes from The Works and tidied it up (I realise that this is a small stash compared to some but I do have limited space in my half of our loft where me and my partner both work on our crafts).

I have spent some time finishing projects like adding flowers to my little crochet cardigans and booties (which I failed to take a picture of).

I then finished mod podging a bird house that I had started...

I used purple paisley tissue paper that I obtained from The Card Factory a while back.  I pasted it on with mod podge and cut it whilst it was still drying.

It should look pretty in our garden.  I will finish it with a coat of translucent gloss spray acrylic paint which will hopefully make it last longer outside.

Think I have a bit of an obsession with birdhouses!

I then thought after tying up a few loose ends that it was a good time to try something different.  I then started Sophie's Universe as mentioned in my last post which I obtained some brightly coloured yarn for.

Here are a few pics below of my progress so far...

I'm on to round 17 which is in part 3 of the instructions (located Sophies Universe Cal Part 3).  I've enjoyed doing this and have learned so much so far - I would definately recommend having a go. It looks so pretty too!

Will show you in my next post how I get on with the next few steps!

Mand x

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Teeny Tiny Dresses (WOYWW 314)

Its that time of the week again to post about what’s on my desk and what I’ve been working on this week. 

I have made another couple of additions to my baby clothes are the two dresses below – apologies for the blurred pictures.  The reddy pink one is for my basket with a matching cardigan, hat and booties.  Hope to create a hairband too to match! 

When I went to Craft Club at Bramley a couple of weeks ago, we (Leanne Hinchcliffe – and I, were inspired by a piece that a lady called Amanda had done.  It was crochet and when we asked her about it, she said it was Sophie’s Universe! See to see what it looks like.  Leanne and I have looked into it, bought some yarn (see my colour choices below!), printed the instructions and we are both going to create a Sophie’s Universe! (see pic below at some finished pieces which are here -
Sophie's Universe CAL 2015 Lookatwhatimade

I have gone for rainbow colours for my version of Sophie's Universe. Here's my yarn so far! I may need quite a bit more! Up to 20 balls I've been told!!! Think I may be addicted to buying yarn. 

At the next craft club at Bramley, there will be a table dedicated to it so we can ask questions if we get stuck.  We’ve been assured by Amanda that it is easy to follow! Having looked at the instructions, I am very excited to start and this is a project I intend to start later this week – I hope mine looks as good as the ones I’ve seen on the website and Amanda's. 
Thanks for the inspiration Amanda!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WOYWW 312: Fairyworld

Hi all, participating again in WOYWW and I have got a few things going on on my desk.  Haven't been up to much physically at my desk but I thought I'd share what I'm intending to do in the next week or so.

So here it is!

Pretty tidy - but that's because I've not been up to much this week. 
In the far top left is a bundle of chiffon fabric which I am intending to make a maxi dress and a top out of (pattern for top on top of fabric).  I've never sewn with chiffon before so hopefully it will go ok.  Someone told me once that you need a ball pointed needle on the sewing machine to sew successfully with chiffon - better do some reading before I start!
I have been working on my first set of baby crochet clothing.  I'm very proud of the hat and the cardigan (first time I have made both).  I also made the basket for them all to be presented in but not too sure about this...

I have also started a fair house.  Ok, its a bird house.  But the intention's there.  I have got a glass stone for the "window" and my OH has given me a "door" for the little house.  I have mod podged it with various papers and when I come to pop it in the garden, I will also give it a fairy path (brightly coloured stones from the beach kindly painted by my 3 year old daughter) and we'll hopefully have a fairy garden and house! Hopefully, it will look good.

So there you have it, my desk this week with not a lot going on but with enough to make me feel guilty for not doing enough with my crafting.  Looking forward to reading all yours...

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How I made my spring floral bracelet...

Hi again,

I decided not too long ago that I do not have enough jewellery and so I was on a mission then to produce some spring jewellery that I could wear with the new clothes I was making (hopefully soon when I get them time).

 First of all, I started with a looped pin
Here I threaded a bead onto the pin and bent the pin over the bead
 then I cut the pin so that it was about 1 cm above the bead
 I then used round nosed plyers to twist the pin into a loop
which gave me a bead with two wire loops on each side (apologies for the blurred photo)
 I then used a larger bead and some finishing beads to place next to where the loops will be to stop them going through the bead

 Then I formed another loop as per the smaller bead above

 I then used split rings to connect the beads
 and then connect a fastener...
 In total, I used six small beads, one large bead and two oval beads to produce the bracelet above.
 I then went on to add the two heart beads as shown above
I used similar techniques for the earrings using ready made earring loops and now I have a lovely matching set of spring jewellery!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I'm at a loose end...

I have been crocheting this blanket (below), and I am at a loose end as to how to finish it - any suggestions? Otherwise, this won't be a lap blanket, but will be a full blown bed spread! Not sure what to do....

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My first dress

Hi again, in my last post, I said that I would share how I made my first dress.  Firstly I have to say that I really thought that dressmaking was sooooo difficult and something that other more talented people do.  So, after a spontaneous moment in Leeds market, I bought everything I needed to make my first dress:

3 mtrs cotton material

Bias Tape, navy thread, hook and eyes, 22 inch zip... and a bottle of wine for dutch courage!

That weekend, I went straight to work when I could and started it - I was originally going to make a small pillowcase dress for my daughter but hey, I like to start in the deep end...

Firstly, I went to work by ironing the fabric (me and irons do not get on so I'm glad this step went as smoothly as it did).  I then cut out the parts of the dress I was going to make from the pattern which I got free from Sew Magazine.

I then pinned the pieces like the pattern said to the material like so (see the dutch courage in the background?)
I then cut the pieces out with my fabric scissors as carefully as I could (although when I came to sew the dress, there were some wonky lines!)
After some more wine and an afternoon of playing with the kids, I went on to make the bodice of the dress by creating the pleats as instructed, sewing the shoulders and the sides together.  I was surprised at how simple the whole process was.  I then hemmed and sewed on the interfaces (which I forgot to take a pic of - sorry). 
The next day, I sewed the skirt which was really simple...
I was getting more and more exited that it was looking like a dress and also that I had made it.  Now was the proof in the pudding to match the top to the bottom ..  and it worked! Shocked was the word...
It took me a day to get over the fact that the top fitted with the bottom and that I had actually followed a dress pattern and made a dress! I left the zip until the next day.  I was soooo happy. 

I really recommend anyone to make that first step to get your machines out (or bought) and get sewing.  I am truly addicted and can totally see why people make anything and everything.  My next sewing project will be my daughter's dress which I was originally going to make.

How time flies...

Hi, I've been crazy busy over the last few months so I apologise for the lack of posts - I know there wasn't many anyway!!!

Anyway, to follow will be my step by step progress on the very first dress that I have made (I'm still in shock that I actually made it myself!! - its something other people do!)

I have also been working on a crochet baby blanket...

and have made a crochet owl basket...
I also made a cthulhu dice bag for my other half...
Oh yeah, and there was the letter holder for my now beautiful hallway...
All of which I totally forgot to take step by steps of how I did each item. I promise that on my future projects, I will take plenty more pics and share!